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Post by Owner Kyle on Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:39 pm

This page is for players who wish to contribute to the server with special rewards in return. You May Donate how ever much you want the items listed below are my personal gifts to players who want to donate these are just the prices of the skins. If you wish to donate $20 you may get four $5 skins of your choice. ONLY DONATE TO KYLE! ALSO MAKE SURE I AM AWARE THAT YOU ARE DOING A DONATION

Please send money via Paypal as family/friend to

Player Skins:
Dodo Rex Skin=$3
Chieftan Hat Skin=$3
Top Hat Skin=$3
Santa Hat Skin=$3
Witch Hat Skin=$3
Rex Bone Helmet=$2
Trike Bone Helmet=$3
Candy Cane Club=$2
Nerdy Glasses=$2

Rex Bone Skin=$5
Carno Bone Skin=$5
Raptor Bone Skin=$5
Bronto Bone Skin=$5
Trike Bone Skin=$5
Stego Bone Skin=$5
Dino Glasses=$2
Dino Santa Hat=$3
Dino Witch Hat=$2

FireWorks Flaregun Skin=$2
Spider Flag=$2.5
Broodmother Trophy=$5
Alpha Rex Trophy=$3
SOTF 1st Trophy=$3
SOTF 2nd Trophy=$3
SOTF 3rd Trophy=$3

Please note: There will be no refunds. Also if you are to lose your skin in game it will not be refunded
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